Freaks! season one (Claudio Di Biagio, 2011)


This independent series premiered on YouTube in April 2011 and has garnered a massive following, which keeps growing to this day. A self-funded DIY project which apparently takes it’s cue from Brit TV series Misfits, Freaks! follows a group of youngsters who accidentally discover that each of them has some rather odd superpowers, such as blinding people simply by touching them or orgasm-induced time travel (!). With all it´s roughness and imprefections, Freaks! has plenty of drive to it and the team who made the series have got a decent grasp of storytelling, keeping the viewer hooked all the way. Fans of DIY filmmaking will appreciate this uneven but sincere and ambitious (and very successful with the public) series.  The first season of eight episodes was popular enough to eventually get picked up by a TV channel and the 2nd season already enjoyed a somewhat bigger budget, and therefore looks more polished. Some of the cast have since made it big and appear in ‘real’ film projects. Freaks! is available on YouTube in all it’s geeky glory, with decent English subs!