Lucio Fulci on set of Don’t Torture a Duckling

Lucio Fulci and Florinda Bolkan on the set of Don’t Torture A Duckling/Non si sevizia un paperino – 1972.
Check out Dario Argento in his shop Profondo Rosso in Rome (which still exists today and I recommend you it wholeheartedly!) here

10_Lucio Fulci and Florinda Bolkan on the set of Don’t Torture A Duckling - 1972.jpg

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Jess Franco’s Forgotten Films: Vol. 1


This HD double bill, JESS FRANCO’S FORGOTTEN FILMS: Vol. 1 from Dorado Films, is another welcome addition to the growing list of Blu-ray releases of the the films of the prolific director. This set contains two of his first MANACOA FILMS productions, LOS OJOS DEL DOCTOR ORLOFF/THE SINISTER EYES OF DOCTOR ORLOFF (1973) and UN SILENCIO DE TUMBA (1972).img_3341968679648.jpeg

This is a review of The Ultimate Edition of this Dorado Films release, which contains 4k scans from 35mm elements of both features. Also included in the edition is THE MANACOA EXPERIENCE, a 14 page history of Films Manacoa P.C., the production company which Franco founded in late 1972. The Manacoa company lasted until the very end of his career, including his last two features, AL PEREIRA VS THE ALLIGATOR LADIES and REVENGE OF THE ALLIGATOR LADIES (2012 and 2015, respectively). One of my favorite Franco films LOS BLUES DE LAS…

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