The Devil of Kreuzberg (2015)

The Horror Hothouse

We like a bit of punk filmmaking at the Hothouse and Alexander Bakshev’s The Devil of Kreuzberg combine3s that with a good dose of Argento styled Giallo and throws in a garnish of Hammer Horror for good measure. As that infuriating goody goody Maria in The Sound of Music might say ‘these are a few of our favourite things.’

The Devil of KreuzbergAspiring novelist Jakob (Ludwig Reuter) is in love with Linda (Sandra Bourdonnec), but his dreams are filled with disturbing images of her. Turns out Linda is the last of the evil Karnteins who Hammer fans will remember well from the 1970s lesbian vampire romps The Vampire Lovers (1970), Lust for a Vampire (1971) and Twins of Evil (1972).  As Jakob sees it his only solution is to have Linda killed and as luck would have it Jakob’s best mate (or maybe lover), Kurt (Suleyman Yucee), is a contract killer, albeit one…

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